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Hoisting Wire Rope for Elevator (SN-WR Series)


Model NO.: SN-WR Series
Origin: Shanghai China
Elevator Steel Wire Rope (SN-WR series)
Model Name: SN-WR series

Description of Elevator steel wire rope

ISO 9001-2008 Quality System Assessment

1. Raw material: Quality carbon steel
2. Standard: ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS, etc.
3. Construction: 1X7, 8X19, 6X7, 7X7, 6X19, 7X19, 6X37, 7X37, 6X25, etc.
4. Range of products: High carbon spring steel wire, (Galvanized, Ungalvanized, coated PVC /PE) steel wire rope, hot DIP galvanized steel wire rope, etc.
5. Packing: Plastic spool, wood reel, coils, bag, etc.
6. Minimum order quantity: 10 tons
7. Delivery time: 35 days

Hoisting Wire Rope for Elevator (SN-WR Series)


About us

Shanghai Sunny Elevator Co., Ltd, is located in Shanghai China. We are a 22-year professional manufacturer specialized in designing and producing elevator parts with ISO9001 certification. We have fine quality management team and always offer our clients high quality and reliable products. Our turnover in 2013 is 5, 000, 000 USD.

We offer 3 year quality guarantee for all products. Our main products are: Traction Machine, Elevator Display, Elevator Light Curtain, Elevator Buttons, Photoelectric Switch, COP & LOP, Door Mechanism. And we provide best prices on: Guide Rail, Guide Shoe, Counterweight Filler, Rope fastening, Wire Rope, Safety Gear, Speed Governor, Oil Buffer, Maintenance box, Emergency leveling device, Elevator Intercom, Limit Switch, Fans and other parts for elevator.

Our long time clients include Hyundai (served as OEM), Hitachi, Otis, Mitsubishi, KONE, Guangri Elevator, WITTUR elevator etc.

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